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Floors are one of the most important elements of your space. It’s a surface you get in contact with constantly and that needs to withstand the weight and stress of your furniture, appliances, and traffic. Last but not least, it’s the place where you play with your children and create beautiful family memories.

Create a durable, low-maintenance floor that besides functionality, adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. Epoxy floors are the latest trend in home flooring, and they can make your home look like it came right out of a magazine. From your garage to your basement, your kitchen, and more, customize your epoxy floor to look exactly as you want it.

Turn Your Floors Into Art, From The Inside Out

Concrete is a common, durable flooring material, but by itself can look bland. When it comes to the outside of your home, you can get much more than a simple concrete job.

With decorative concrete overlay and stamped concrete, you can turn any outside surface – from your driveway or walkway to your courtyard – into a surface that has the high-end look of natural stone, bricks, or even wood.

This type of flooring comes in many finishes and looks that can make your house stand out from a distance. The options are unlimited, so you can make your driveway or patio match the style of your home and blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape.

Rustic Concrete Wood

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Epoxy Floors

Whether it’s for your home or your garage, epoxy floors are known to be one of the best flooring solutions. It’s their combination of durability and stylishness that makes it hard to ignore when choosing your flooring type.

Adding an epoxy floor to your garage creates a layer of protection that minimizes impact damage, is easy to clean, and is moisture and stain-resistant. On the inside of your home, epoxy flooring adds a decorative touch that turns your floor into a unique work of art while being waterproof, durable, and highly customizable.

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Concrete floors are very practical, but sometimes your home needs a bit more than practicality, and that is style. A decorative concrete overlay allows you to enjoy the benefits of concrete while adding many stylish touches and smooth finishes to make it look unique.

A decorative concrete overlay works wonders for patios, pool decks, foundation slabs, pavers, and more. You can even have your deck or patio look like hardwood or natural stone without anyone noticing it’s concrete. When done right, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Stained Concrete

Created on site, this custom slate stain texture gives you an authentic look and feel with coloring that resembles hues found only in expensive flooring options (ie: acid stained concrete, upscale ceramic tiles . . .). Integral color variances created with mineral pigments and optional antiquing methods will make the Tuscan Slate finish your preferred concrete resurfacing system!

Stained Concrete Stairs

Polished Concrete

Homeowners, retailers, big-box stores, educational and medical facilities are choosing polished concrete for their floor finish because of the competitive advantage polished flooring offers over other types of floor coverings. Decorative concrete in the form of polished floors has become the logical choice because of the great value it delivers, and because it can compete aesthetically as well.

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We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we designed a streamlined process that guides you stress-free from start to finish, guaranteeing the best results with minimum effort from your side.

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After we discuss your vision, we start working on your floors, using the best materials. As we work, we keep you updated at all times so you can relax knowing that your floors are being taken care of properly.

Enjoy Your Floors

After we’re done, we clean up and the new floors you’ve been dreaming of are ready. Enjoy their new clean, durable, and polished look every time you step on your custom floor.

About T Square Contractors

Hi, I’m Trevor, and T Square Contractors is my family business. Together with my wife Mercedes, we started T Square Contractors to put our experience of working with concrete to your service. I’ve been working with industrial concrete for the past 26 years, and making concrete look exciting for homeowners across Texas is what I excel at.

Our goal is to make sure we offer you quality work that fulfills and exceeds your dreams and expectations while making you a priority. From start to finish, we listen to your needs and give you a worry-free experience and an end result that you will be proud to show off.

We’re a young company, and working with concrete is a form of art to us. We are excited to show you what we can do for you.

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